Custom Built Garden Sheds

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We use 3 x 1.5in Stud Frame Construction. 6 x 2in Floor Joists. Floor 18mm Ply Sheeting. Cut Roof Felted & Slated. Facia & Soffit complete with Gutters and Downpipes. Walls are shiplap and felted for total weatherproof finish.

Picture of Finshed Shed

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Shed comes flat packed or Fully Constructed as required. Comes as floor/ walls & Roof and all accessories for easy on site construction.

Dovetail Machine

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This is a dedicated dovetailing machine. Omec 750CN Wariable pitch milling Machine. Adapts to all types of wood & wood by- products (plywood mdf strips etc.).

Close-Up of Dovetailing

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We can produce crates or boxes up to customer requirements. Dovetails can be set to any size & number per side as required. Minimum length 200mm. Width 60mm. Height of joint 6mm. Maximum Length 1500mm. Width 530mm. Height of Joint 20mm.

Table Mortiser

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This machine is used for mortising gate/ furniture etc. All of our gates are mortised & tenon.

Dovetailer Finished Product

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Wavin Pipe Water Joiners

Range of sizes available

Gate Hanging Irons

Range of sizes available

Electric Fencers

Range of sizes available

Batteries for electric fencers


Range of products available.

Electric Fence Reels

Geared and Normal.

Tornado Staples

50mm & 40mm Available

Replacement Handles

Farmyard Tools

Temporary Fencing Wire

Range of sizes available

Electric Fencing Wire


General Purpose Buckets

Galvanised Nails

Range of sizes available

Galvanised Nails

Range of sizes available

Steel to Wood Screws

Range of sizes available

Cup Head Bolts

Range of sizes available

Electric Fence End Strains

Water fitting Inserts

Heavy & Light Gauge


Range of sizes available

Grease & Galvanised Spray

Assorted Accessories

Temporary Electric Fence Stakes

Pig Tails & Plastic

Round Stake Hanging Irons


Head Lights & Fault Finder for electric fences, and Rat Bate

Ratchet Straps

Ball Cocks

Range of sizes available

Fencing Tools

Sledge Hammers

Plastic Silage Wrap

White, Black or Green

Hand Trucks


In 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon Drums

Wavin Water Piping

Range of sizes available

Wavin Piping

Equine Electric Fence Wire

Available in 250m Rolls

Decking Screws

Plastic Coated

Yard Scrapers & Replacement Heads

Round or Square

Insultube for Equine Wire

All Fencing Equiptment Available

Electric Fence Gap Springs in 15 & 20 Feet

Handles also Available

Broxo 6 - 15

Salt for Water Softners