Welcome to Dunnes Sawmills


Dunnes Sawmills was established in 1995 by Jim and Breda Dunne in Drangan, Thurles, Co. Tipperary in the foothills of Slievenamon. Dunnes Sawmills is a family run business which started out manufacturing high quality timber products from softwoods such as Sitka spruce and Larch for both domestic and commercial purposes, i.e. Privacy Fencing and Farm Shed Construction. In conjunction with the larger sawmills producing the same products for a percentage of our production costs and the closer of local co-ops the sawmill had a direction in which to diversify. The sawmill now wholesales a range of high quality timber products along with accessories for a variety of Domestic and Commercial applications, i.e. all types of timber and wire fencing (NSAI approved available), galvanised gates, garden shed components, Decking and grant approved farm shed construction timbers etc.

Hurley Ash:

The sawmill in particular specialises in the sawmilling of Hurley ash butts into Hurley ash planks for the Hurley making industry. The sawmill holds close links with the Irish guild of ash hurley makers, Teagasc, and the GAA to improve and maintain the hurley making industry, an industry steeped in history and is one of the many links in what makes the Irish “IRISH”

Check out the “Ash to Clash” link on the HURLEYS section of this website.


Dunnes Sawmills also produces “Gaeta” which is Irish for gates. Any gate or door of any reasonable dimensions can be made to order in a range of colours. Douglas fir is used in all gates to ensure long life and all gates are of mortise and tenon construction to ensure strength. Dunnes Sawmills can also provide many other joinery services in the form of machine dovetailing, handcrafted sheds, beehives, fire place heads etc. Dunnes Sawmills aims to stock goods and produce high quality products to facilitate the customers’ needs in the best way possible.

“So if you want it we have it or know where to get it”